the agency

LB Comunica has entered in advertising world to bring the Market innovative ideas, always with the maximum quality and creativity in each service rendered.

Our commitment is to assist business and organizations in building and manage its image with the best solutions in communication, so that they reach their goals and transform their band in competitive assets and differential.

To do so, we work along with the client and we combine this relationship to deep market knowledge and a healthful way to be always up to date with the trends and innovations in the sector.

Creative, devoted and globalized professionals, who serve in multidisciplinary teams, do the best for the company and aim to find the best way to reach the intended goals for the business - the current and potential opportunities for the future.

LB Comunica has a client's portfolio of all kinds, whether national and international.


Introduce clients to smart and creative ways for their communication, with a special attention to every stage of the process and surprise the market with our ideas.


Be an agency recognized and admired for its quality and innovative and creative strategies and a source of pride for its collaborators, as well as an intended work place for new talents.


Passion for everything we do, with a focus on our clients’ success.

Staff creativity to generate something different, unique, special and above the expected.

Customized services for every client, with a major objective to contribute to its growth.

Innovative in design, ideas, planning, process and after the delivery of the product.


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